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05.02.2009, 08:42
Hello, i'm a newbie here, but i'm in need of some help :(

I installed DaemonTools 4.30.1 (that was the newest when i installed windows xp pro) everything was fine, but i noticed a few days ago, that after installing some updates to windows, some games installed from virtual image drives, won't install, saying XXX.cab file is corrupt. I tried earlier games that were installed earlier without a problem, do this too. But is kinda random, cause not every game does this, and i didn't notice applications doing this, they installed fine.

I updated daemontools to the latest version, and still: mirror's edge, rail simulator won't install saying corrupt cab file, UT for ex. installed without any prob.

Any ideas? The same mentioned games work fine for others (dunno if they mounted them or burned them to dvd's tho)

05.02.2009, 16:53
Is it installing fine from your original disks?