View Full Version : Program or system crashes when unmounting

07.02.2009, 09:58
First of all, my apologies if this is a stupid question.
I did try to find some info in the forums, and I checked the thread called "Unit is locked error message when unmounting" but did not find any help there.

I installed DAEMON Tools Lite 4.30.3 and I could mount an image and see its contents/play it correctly.

The problem is when I want to unmount and disable the virtual drive. I want to disable it because I need to mount an image very rearely so I do not want the software to run in the background.

When I try to disable the virtual virtual drive, it will say it's doing it forever and never closes (it does not crash or hung up). If I close the program from the task manager and reopen it, it will not load never ever again, and the virtual drive will keep on showing in my list of devices, but inaccessible of course.
Something very similar happened to me with other software to mount virtual disks.
With both softwares, I could go back by using system restore so everything's fine now. No programs to run virtual disks are installed and I do not have extra and unexistant drives showing.

I'm guessing it's something with my computer, any suggestions?

I am running WinXP Pro SP3, Intel Crestiline 965-GM motherboard, dual CPU @1.46 Ghz. and 2GB of RAM memory. It's a fresh copy of WinXP since I formatted my drive last week and everything works fine except this.

Thanks a lot in advance.