View Full Version : Asks for Admin powers but Im admin??

09.02.2009, 19:23
I installed daemon tools under Vista, everything went smoothly but when I wanted to run the program it says "run daemon tools under adminstarater for the 1st time" but there is no other users in the OS.

Is this a bug? Or is it possible that Im not admin? How can I check it?

Thank you in advance :)

09.02.2009, 19:31
That is vista's uac crap.
Right click on shortcut -> Run as administrator.

09.02.2009, 21:45
So that thing is more annoying than meets the eye. Okey, I removed uac completly.

Thx for quick reply.

10.02.2009, 15:52
It's one of the few parts of Vista that I always disable personally. I like most of Vista, but just not that.