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16.02.2009, 23:41
Dear Mods,

I was your official translator in the 2 versions. Time has been passed and the new strong 3 versions came out. But when i look in the current Turkish lang file, i see that it's incomplete with only of my early 2 versions' strings and with another translators signiture in it. So i've updated my lang file to new one, fully completed n' tested it, and want to contribute it to you. Can you contact me soon, so i can be the official translator again?

Regards, keep up the good work bros...

11.03.2009, 18:45
I've gratefully received Locutus' messsage, but still no access to the trans. section :(

LocutusofBorg (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/members/locutusofborg/) or Blazkowicz. Are u there man? Regards...

12.03.2009, 21:14
Reminded tech guy.

EDIT: Check your e-mail address.

13.03.2009, 04:29
Thank u so much @Blazkowicz. I'll start very soon :)

19.03.2009, 20:06
Finished :) Regards...