View Full Version : DTools 3.29 fix for Chankast users

18.02.2009, 03:51
To play games with the dreamcast emulator "Chankast" , Simply download DT 3.29 AND 4.08.

Install V4.08, then install V3.29 (Note that you can avoid the blue screen of death by canceling the install after it dumps the files but before it finishes).

Open both directories to which you downloaded them and delete the pfctoc.dll FROM V4.08 ONLY.

Then move the PFCTOC.dll file from V3.29 into V4.08.

After that, delete your V3.29 folder for good measure and load your game into chankast, which should now play perfectly.

I did this in order to play Marvel Vs. Capcom, so I can't really say whether or not this works for everything, but i'm fairly confident.

Some credit to Copytrooper, as this is in response to this post: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/blue-screen-after-rebooting-15032/

I hope it works for you!