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18.02.2009, 21:46
Hi guys. New to daemon tools and need some help. Hope I posted this in the right section.

First is it worth getting the pro version or is the lite version good enough??

Which program is the best to use to create images?? I currently have both daemon tools and alcohol 120%.

Is there anything else I need to create images for my games??

My current setup is vista home premium x64 sp 1 with two lg drives: GH20NS10 and GSA-H12L.

I gave been able to get images of arcanium,bards tale and vampire the masquerade:bloodlines to work.

But I can't get KOTOR 2: the sith lords to work. I either get an insert original disc error or that the game needs to be authenticated.

Also can't get pro evolution soccer 2009 to work. I get the securom error of emulation software being present.

Any specific method that needs to be followed for securom 7 games??

Thanx in advance

18.02.2009, 23:43
Regarding emulator: Use DAEMON Tools Extensions (DTE) and cloak your virtual IDE drive.

Lower your DPM speed when selecting New SecuROM profile during image creation.

19.02.2009, 22:45
Thank you. The dte helps a lot.

Everything seems to be working fine with all my games.

20.02.2009, 16:07
Just 1 question how do you get the customer bar to appear on your interface at the forums?? I purchased the pro version but I don't know how to get it to show here at the forums that I am a customer.

20.02.2009, 18:52
This should actually work automatically if you used the same mail address, but in certain circumstances it does not work, and we've to set it manually.

23.02.2009, 10:25
Thank you for fixing it.:)