View Full Version : Daemon Tools always wants to reboot between enabling/disabling.

20.02.2004, 19:36
Operating System: XP Sp1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: NAV
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I am an occasional user of Daemon Tools, and it's worked well for me for a long time. Recently however, it's been troublesome.

I usually leave daemon installed, but have the number of devices set to 0, so as not to give me too many drive letters (I have lots already). When I need to use Daemon Tools, I set the number of devices to 1, and mount my image. This has worked perfectly for ages. HOWEVER.. Since upgrading to 3.44, it now wants to reboot between the 0 and 1, and 1 and 0 number of devices changes... This is not acceptable (for me).

Can I change it's behaviour to how it used to work?

If not, where can I get previous versions, and in what version did this change?


20.02.2004, 20:04
This behaviour did no change for ages. Something else is wrong.
What other sofware have you installed recently?

20.02.2004, 20:08
Nothing I can think of that can cause this.

When number of devices of changed from 1 to 0, does the Daemon driver unload? If so, what kinda things could prevent it unloading?

20.02.2004, 20:45
No, driver does not unload.