View Full Version : My dvd drive appears but is recognized like a scsi device

20.02.2009, 20:19
My dvd drive apeears but the system recognizes it like the virtual one (scsi device)!What can i do?

20.02.2009, 20:23
And how do you know that one is your physical one?

20.02.2009, 20:57
easy test would be to right click and select eject, if the real drive pops out, its the real drive...

20.02.2009, 22:02
my dvd drive is recognized like the virtual one.it works exept with nero and other programs.what can i do to configure it properly?

21.02.2009, 19:44
I can see the name on device manager!

22.02.2009, 18:08
My dvd drive is shown as scsi device.it happened after i used nero 9 on my windows xp.I'm having a file "bootsect.bak" that says "a disc read error occurred\bootmgr is missing\bootmgr is compressed".What can i do?

22.02.2009, 19:48
Can you boot windows and see your desktop without problems?

22.02.2009, 20:49
yes i can boot windows but i get 2 pages of error while booting.It's slow while booting,then.my desktop is ok!

23.02.2009, 17:39
Can daemon tools damage the boot record of my computer?

24.02.2009, 04:53
Can daemon tools damage the boot record of my computer? DAEMON Tools has a component called SPTD. That DOES load at bootup You can follow the manual removal instructions if you want to uninstall SPTD.

The thread is called My system won't boot after installation of v4, or problems with SPTD.SYS in the Common Problems and Solutions forum.

24.02.2009, 13:19
does Daemon tools work if i uninstall SPTD?

24.02.2009, 14:55
No it doesn't. DT requires SPTD driver.

24.02.2009, 18:00
I have tried all possible solutions!My drive is still scsi,my system is still slow.What if i uninstall everything(DT+game)?Does DT remove registy entries,sptd.sys etc...?

24.02.2009, 18:47
SPTD doesn't get removed automatically as also other programs are using SPTD.
Therefore you would have to download SPTD installer from DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com)