View Full Version : yasu 1.5.8511 released??

22.02.2009, 12:29
ive heard to yasu 1.5.8511 release
for the more securom game support like Cryostasis..NecroVision

but i coudlnt found it on anywhere

someone know where can i find it plz? :)

22.02.2009, 12:54
Check out this forum ;)

22.02.2009, 14:28
Ah, sry, i read the version wrong :(
I wonder where you have such info about 1.5.8511 as it either doesn't exist or isn't public at all.

Just asked my friend who has connections to some guy who wrote that nfo file - it is a typo and 1.5.8111 is meant.

22.02.2009, 15:32
o dude search to "yasu 1.5.8511" in google.com
then you can see lot of web documention about it
but i cant find..because its not public?

22.02.2009, 18:43
It doesn't even exist - that warez "noob" made a typo - that's it.

And therefore this thread is closed.