View Full Version : Vista 64 crashes after DT 4.3 install

23.02.2009, 16:25
I install the DT 4.3 in my HP Touchsmart PC with Vista 64 bits and after I rebooted the system I got a corrupted bootloader (problem with my \boot\bcd file). I wonder if it was a 32 version of DT (I am almost sure that I downloaded the 64 bits version) or it is really a problem with DT.

Any suggestion for recovering my Vista 64 other than Repair System option on Installation disks ?

And should I install the SPTD 64 bits before or after the DT setup ?


23.02.2009, 17:46
DAEMON Tools should not touch boot files nor cause boot issues.

If you downloaded within the last 6 months then you got the proper x64 version (both 32 and 64 are now included in the same .exe file).

05.03.2009, 02:57
My computer just did the exact same thing when I tried to intall CloneDrive. I guess I won't be installing DT then.

I just did system recovery because I had everything backed up. I hope you found a better solution.