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24.02.2009, 21:17

Is there any possibility to use Deamon Tools on a PSP?
I came to this thoughts because i saw that its even possible to run Windows XP on a PSP.
Does it work?

If yes can someone explain me how to do that?


25.02.2009, 01:33
There is NOT such thing as WinXP on PSP!

What U saw is a customized set of webpages, 1.5MB in size, looking and working exactly like WinXP.

So what you need is not Daemon Tools for PSP but an applet looking and working exactly llike DT :)

But only one question remains - what reason? :P

25.02.2009, 14:29
I know that i need Daemon Tools For PSP i was asking for this :D.
For what reason i need Daemon Tools?
For that what Daemon was made. To play .isos from the memory stick.

25.02.2009, 14:46
To Run .iso files ^^
I think thats what Daemon was made for.
And i need it for the PSP, if theres a possibility please tell me

25.02.2009, 17:19
To use iso's, u do not need Daemon for PSP. Just upgrade your psp's firmware with the Dark Alex one. Iso and cso support will come then.

25.02.2009, 18:32
I know that but i was asking if there is a possibility with Daemon, because i dont want to change Firmware cause i will lose the warranty of the PSP.

25.02.2009, 22:03
and i want my phone to run vista at the same speed as my desktop pc.... (spot the parallel?)

26.02.2009, 08:03
So i cant run Daemon Tools on a PSP?