View Full Version : help with dvd rw

27.02.2009, 14:20
hi i have a fairly new dvd-rw that i am having trouble with,it started a few days ago, after i uninstalled magic iso i used for mounting an .uif and since then i can't seem to use either any disks with my physical drive or image files with daemon (or any other mounting software). i tried everything from cleaning filters from registry entries to re installing drivers for my dvd rw from device manager, i also tried system restore a couple times and uptading firmware. i even tried reinstalling all the mounting programs i used and uninstalling them with various uninstalling software yet i can't seem to get over with this trouble, so you people here kinda my last chance. please help me if you can think of anything proably be useful.
thanks in advance

ps: iso buster can see discs and iso so i'm pretty sure this problem is software based.

27.02.2009, 14:22
What is happening when you double click in My Computer on the drive?

Norman Bates
01.03.2009, 18:17
What brand is your drive? Have heard people having trouble with some Asus drives. They just stopped all the sudden and couldnt read any discs.