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15.12.2002, 20:39
I just installed WindowsXP Home edition a few weeks ago. After I did daemon tools wouldn't run. So I went to uninstall it, and it kept asking for daemon.msi. I couldn't find it, so i just deleted it's directory.

I've read through some of the other posts like this one, but I can't find any thing in my registry regarding daemon tools.

The version I had I believe was 3.26 but am not quite sure.

found it in my reg....it's version uhm.......looks like this on version in regedit 0x310000 (51380224)

15.12.2002, 22:53
it's Version V3.16

BTW: It would be nice to simply post into the other threads next time if a prob occurs that was discussed already!

OK, I email you the desired daemon.msi

17.12.2002, 12:43
I have the same problem - the uninstaller asks for daemon.msi, but I don't have it.

My version is 3.17.

Can somebody email the file to me?
Thank you.


01.01.2003, 13:27
same problem! Please email me the daemon.msi for version 3.23!



01.01.2003, 13:37
V3.20 & 3.23 can still be downloaded from the main page, so no need to mail the msi to you - just download the older version ;)

01.01.2003, 14:06
:D thanks, didn't see it! now it works!!!