View Full Version : How about that nasty error ?

21.02.2004, 21:46
A while ago I was trying to upgrade my dtools but since it failed a just ran under last known good configuration and preinstalled the old version. Now since I know how to get the new one working I deinstalled the older again and after restart tried to install 3.44 but here http://fixity.net/tmp/dtools433.jpg it fails again. I guess some keys and stuff from the previous (unsuccessful) install of 3.44 were left on my computer.

So, how and what do you guys suggest to remove in order have a successful installation of the 3.44 version?

I could probably install it with different bus & miniport driver names but anyway I would like to fix those drivers which are kept in my system since the failed installation.


21.02.2004, 23:13
Post in the correct forum, read the thread about error 25002 in our common problems and solutions forum.