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04.03.2009, 14:50
Just want to let you all know, that Im alive and still kicking (just on holiday at the moment)... :)

There will be a new anti-blacklist program (made by myself) released soon (don't ask when).

The things you might want to know about it...
1. Supports SecuROM version(s) 7.00 up to and including 7.39.
2. Supports SafeDisc version(s) 4.60, 4.70, 4.75, 4.81, 4.85, 4.90.000, & 4.90.010.
3. Automatic detection and cloaking of device(s).
4. Works with Daemon-Tools Pro and Lite (unlike some others), will also be compatible with Alcohol 52% and 120%.
5. Backups, Yes, backups. Careful programming practices have been implemented into this new software to insure that the (your) systems integrity is left intact and fault free.
6. Simplicity, It will be completely user friendly (unlike some others).

I will select (please dont PM me, if you do PM me consider yourself removed from any random chances of being selected as a tester) a few BETA testers at the end of the week, some of which have already been notified (you can PM me ;)), so they and myself can get testing.

Like I said above, Im currently on holiday, please dont expect any miracles the software, Beta or otherwise will NOT be release this week or the next.
The community (as a whole) will be notified when it is ready for release.

You are welcome to leave comments here in the forums for discussion.


04.03.2009, 19:01
I think anyone in our community (and not only beta testers) should build a statue for your hard work keeping up this hard and great work you're always doing. I will always appreciate your tools and I'm happy our community has a great treasure called "sYk0". :D

May the force be with you (I like the dark side :D) always and best wishes for everything. ;)

04.03.2009, 20:55
sYk0 you know that SR 7.39 with disc check is out on Necrovision ;)

06.03.2009, 16:44
sYk0 you know that SR 7.39 with disc check is out on Necrovision ;)

Yeah Blazi... guess i'll have to see if my program is working with SecuROM 7.39...

I don't have Necrovision, anyone who does have it, feel free to PM so i can get some more info about SecuROM 7.39...


06.03.2009, 21:24
Thanks for your job!!

07.03.2009, 11:14
hope you have a nice holiday

15.03.2009, 04:28
Can't wait to see this new program, thanks for all the work you put into this sYk0.

16.03.2009, 11:22
I just want sYk0 for all the work he is doing :wink:
and to add ta necrovision is using SR 7.38 not 7.39 as it was mentioned :)

16.03.2009, 13:12
Overclocked has 7.39 version ;)

16.03.2009, 15:05
Overclocked has 7.39 version ;)

As does Puzzle Quest: Galactrix ;)

FYI: Omen is working with SecuROM 7.39 :D...

16.03.2009, 19:36
and to add ta necrovision is using SR 7.38 not 7.39 as it was mentioned :)

My Russian Necrovision is using 7.39.

17.03.2009, 05:37
My sons Fallout 3 with newest Patch v1.4.0.6 (German) doesn't work anymore.

17.03.2009, 12:10
"doesn't work" can cover a multitude of things.. can you elaborate on it?.. .eg: emulation detected, please insert correct disk, crash etc...

more information helps :)

17.03.2009, 18:45
jusdging by the excitment this post has caused it makes me think i should stop searching for a solution until this program is released. My fiance has/had a multimedia dvd that she uses for her degree (no patches out there). at a whopping 90 pounds I backed it up as our dog likes dvds. The dog got it and now I have delved into the world of securom (v. 07.38.0006) and "a required secrirty module can not be activated". Does this mean as of right now there is no workaround out there?


17.03.2009, 18:47
Click on the link in SecuROM message and tell us what it says there exactly.

17.03.2009, 19:01
running DT lite 4.30.3 and YASU it says "a required security module can not be activated. This program can not be executed." and gives me an ok button. Whats weird is the very first time I installed DT, it worked (once). No hair left!!

Any advice would be v much appreciated!

17.03.2009, 19:10
YASU is blacklisted, therefore that error.

17.03.2009, 19:11
are there any vista savvy programs that ar not b..listed???

17.03.2009, 20:04
noooo come back blazkowicz! come baaaack:confused:

17.03.2009, 22:29
AFAIK last YASU version 1.5.8111 is not blacklisted by SecuROM 7.38.0006.

But maybe you better start a new thread concernig that multimedia dvd as we're going a little bit offtopic ;)

17.03.2009, 22:49
A SR version number doesn't say anything Terramex ;)
Try to cloak in yasu and then kill yasu in task manager.

17.03.2009, 22:56
will do;=I

18.03.2009, 11:03
Will DAEMON Tools Lite + Omen work with Crysis (1.2.1)?

21.03.2009, 07:49
Very much looking forward to this. The latest patches for Neverwinter Nights 2 stopped working for my image. I was wondering what happened but I found out it's using "SecuROM v7.39.005".

Barring some other user fault on my own end I think that's the reason it won't work anymore. Forced me to actually hook up my dvd drive :/ (lol forgot last time because I replug HD's now and then but don't have spots free)

Anyway, just wanted to talk about my appreciation for what you're doing, has saved me a lot of frustrations in the past, kudos ^^

09.04.2009, 20:52
Hi, is there a rough release date for Omen, like in April or May?

31.05.2009, 06:47
Hi, is there a rough release date for Omen, like in April or May?

Hi, is there a rough release date for Omen, like in June or July?***

Fixed for ROFL/LOL Value...

Also fixed because my game center is reopening soon and we are going to be taking up talks with DTools/Omen* for licensing/pricing!

*YASU currently, until Omen is released

13.06.2009, 04:25

Btw whats the word about solidshield/Tages ...this stuff is giving royal pain in the ass a lot more than any securom stuff.

Latest example updated solidshield on x3tc.exe (X3 Terran Conflict Version 2.1)

Cant run any longer with image ..must use original disc.

(dt advanced pro, vIDE drive)

Is there a fundamental change in this new tages version? Can it be defeated? Wazz da word in da scene?^^

13.06.2009, 10:15
Working fine here with 2.1 and Full Image - recreate your image with latest DT Pro

13.06.2009, 15:02
Oh !!!! Thanks will try ...!!!! That is good news..i thought it wasnt worth trying.

22.07.2009, 16:02
can anyone confirm that sr 7.40 will be handled for recent titles e.g. Armed Assault 2, FUEL, Street Fighter IV, Overlord 2 etc

22.07.2009, 19:26
useful link for future reference regarding securom DRM (reclaimyourgame) : Games with SecuROM 7 (http://reclaimyourgame.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=45&Itemid=11)

19.08.2009, 11:18
Are there any countermeasures regarding ProtectDISC blacklists in sight? That shit really sucks

28.01.2010, 10:01
I'm very sorry to say that Omen development has been abandoned.
As a result of lacking correspondence & credit sYk0 isn't willing to contribute further apps for DT Soft.

As a personal note i'd like to add that there probably were also misunderstandings as sYk0's reference person at
DT Soft isn't in charge anymore, but in the end i could only guess just why things progressed the way they did.
Please refrain from speculations or finger pointing; that's of no advantage to anyone.

Thank you sYk0 for 4 years of neat tools which made gamers life so much easier.
I wish you all the very best ...also for your new project ;)

28.01.2010, 14:41
As a result of lacking correspondence & credit sYk0 isn't willing to contribute further apps for DT Soft.
Who's stopping him to release a new YASU or even OMEN outside this forum? YASU is sYk0's creation, DT Soft should not have any control over it.

I also wish to thank sYk0 for all the great work he put in apps like CureROM and YASU in the past, and I also wish him all the best of luck with his future projects. Don't let any company's greediness stop you from what you do best, sYk0! :icon_wink:

28.01.2010, 16:07
Who's stopping him to release a new YASU or even OMEN outside this forum?
No-one, be assured there is something in the making which carries over features from Omen.
Please bear with me for not disclosing further details.

btw. I didn't post that info as a DT Soft official ...cause I am none ;)