View Full Version : Strange problem

22.02.2004, 13:13
Operating System: Win XP pro.
Burning Software: Clone Cd
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I have this strange problem:
I made an image of my original Warcraft3 and warcraft3 expansion cd on my HD,using clone CD(latest version of course)
I start deamon tool i mount th eimage and the game starts correctly....but only warcraft3 and not the expansion....why????????...I assumed they have the same protection(securom)...so why the game starts on wc3 image and not with wc3 expansion?????....I think clone cd can copy this protection.
Another strange problem:i mount my wc3 image and i set automount and autolock options in my deamon tool....i restart my computer..the image is correctly mounted but the game WON't start!!!!..i have to unmount the image then mount it again in order to make the game start,SO WHY THAT????????????????????

22.02.2004, 13:37
The WC3 add-on uses a newer SecuROM version CloneCD can't copy, so you've to create an image with DPM data (e.g. Alcohol or Blindwrite) in order to get it to work.