View Full Version : Mount IMG format files without other files (CCD, SUB).

10.03.2009, 08:56
Not sure if this is a bug or feature request. I have IMG files that are DVD images and was surprised that Daemon Tools Lite didn't allow me to pick them when I tried to mount them (they weren't shown in the file dialog when the "all supported types" entry was selected). I know IMG files can be part of CloneCD images, but I don't think the CCD and SUB files are required (at least InfraRecorder seems to think it can deal directly with an IMG file). That will be my work around to actually burn the files, but it'd be nice not to need to do that.

Currently I'm using v4.30.3 on XP + SP3 + all critical hotfixes.

10.03.2009, 09:57
Well, it's obviously not a bug. The img file works like an iso if it contains one track only, so feel free to rename your img files to iso so Daemon will show them in file dialog.

12.03.2009, 03:11
Thanks! That workaround fixed it for me! Might be nice in the app to just allow the file to be shown without needing a rename. But I can imagine problems where people with multi-track IMG files would be annoyed that their files didn't work.