View Full Version : DT Lite makes Windows Explorer hang

10.03.2009, 18:13
Just installed latest DT Lite on a newly formatted machine (XP Pro). System reboots during install (expected) & install continues. Everything seems OK & I can click on the tray icon & choose an image.
After this, if I try to open Explorer, or click on the DT icon again, nothing happens. All I can do is reset the machine (although I CAN open Task Manager)
When the machine restarts, I still cannot open Windows Explorer - but I CAN uninstall DT & then all is OK.
I have also tried installing an older version of DT but get the same problem. The same old version worked fine on my old machine.
I have tried editing the registry for the SPTD entries, which seemed to correct things, but reinstalling DT produces the same problem.I cannot find the SPTD Uninstaller.
HELP!!!! I need DT working!