View Full Version : My CD drives stopped working... (they are seen by windows...)

23.02.2004, 04:56
Operating System: Win Xp Home
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: Uninstalled

with no problems listed in device manager. Bios picks them up fine, set to auto detect. I'm running win xp home. Here's what happens: Put cd in drive, open my computer, my computer will stay at this nasty kind of cloudy colored screen until I eject the cd, after eject my computer is happy and singing in the sun again. this happens for both drives. opening my computer and then putting cd in doesn't work either. It also won't run from anywhere else (like putting an audio cd in and trying to open from winamp)

Please help!


01.03.2004, 07:17

01.03.2004, 15:50
Operating System: 98SE
Burning Software: easy cd creator
Anti-virus Software: ez trust
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

and the drives worked properly up until you installed what?
Did you update some other device drivers recently? Add new hardware?
Will one work with the other physically disconnected?

01.03.2004, 18:20
They worked up until I installed Daemon tools. I'm pretty sure that is the reason they're not working now. I have not added or changed any hardware.


01.03.2004, 20:09
Check common problems and solutions forum, e.g. the thread "My real cd-drives are missing"

01.03.2004, 20:27
But windows sees them and device manager sees them with no issues. Maybe I should try reinstalling drivers?