View Full Version : error in DT causing my computer to crash on startup

19.03.2009, 03:25
Okay, so I just bought a new netbook, I've been installing stuff, I've used everything in the past including daemon tools. DT was the last thing I installed (yesterday) to be honest, I'm using a different version of DT than I used for my desktop, my desktop runs DT standard, I'm running DT Lite on my netbook. Anyways I tried to mount an image today, the computer froze, and the BSOD showed up and my computer turned off. When I started it up again, it gave me the options of Safe Mode startup, normal startup, etc. I used normal mode, it got as far as the windows XP start screen with the status bar underneath, the status bar froze and the BSOD flashed on the screen really fast and then the computer restarted and then the startup select screen popped up again, so I tried safe mode, it started to go through all the drivers, froze and the bsod flashed and it restarted, I've tried every option from the startup menu with the same effect. what makes me think its DT that is causing this is that I took a picture of the BSOD (since it only stayed on the screen for a second) and the error is "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME". It sort of sounds like its related to DT to me, and DT was the last thing I used before my netbook crashed. Anyways, does anyone know how to fix this? I can't get on to my computer at all, not even in safe mode, it crashes before it gets to to the User selection. Please help me out.

20.03.2009, 06:40
Yo ushould try again safe mode.During the drivers load you will see message telling "Press escape to avoid SPTD loading" or something liek that.SPTD is the daemon tools main driver and this way (pressing ESC) you will not load it. If then you are able to enter in save mode just uninstall daemon tools and reboot. You can also try to install latest daemon tools.