View Full Version : Mounting Blindwrite 6 Images in DT Lite

23.03.2009, 14:44
Any idea when this bug of mounting BlindWrite 6 images in DT Lite is going to be resolved it has been ongoing for a while now?

The bug is persistent DT Lite: 4.30.3.
FYI: The image works fine with current version(s) of DT Pro and Alcohol 52%/120%.
and Yes dumping the disc to DT Pro/Alcohol Image(s) works just fine, I do however find the bug annoying as i do have many BlindWrite images and really don't feel like dumping/converting all of them to a different format for the sake of a bug in the image engine. :wink:


23.03.2009, 16:22
When it mounts fine in latest DT Pro, then it should also in upcoming DT Lite.

23.03.2009, 18:41
Thanks Blaz... :)
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26.03.2009, 07:40
Made a quick fix to get it working until the next release fo DT Lite.