View Full Version : Can't register anymore?

27.03.2009, 22:04
disk-soft.com, tried several different registration applications. None returns any confirmation to me. Anybody encountered similar problems?

27.03.2009, 22:10
Registration applications? What do you mean exactly?

29.03.2009, 13:10
i think he means he tried to get the email verification done on the website but it isnt working. i tried myself to get the test version of d tools pro but u dont get any email from disk-soft.com . where your account name, password and verification link is in. i have the same problem tried 2 different emails in case one got missing or isnt working right ( gmail) and didnt got any emails with the necessary data in it for getting a the account activated on the website of disk-soft.com and the test version of d tools running. my try to do that is over 2 hours ago and at both of the 2 tries i did i got no email.

29.03.2009, 19:53
yeah, same here. i tried 3 emails. no email was sent to any of those accounts.