View Full Version : Bought, but no activation link

29.03.2009, 18:37
i first installed the trial version of dt.
i had to check my email, but the discsoft website, didn't sent me any link.
Even, after pressing the "i forgot my password" Link, i didn't receive any mail.

So i tried to buy the software through the discsoft website, and even i already made the payment trough paypal, i didn't receive any password or any email of discsoft.

Funny is: iif i write a meail to support@disc-soft.com, i immeadeatelly receive a mail, which says "please use the messenger".

If i use the webite and messenge app, it always says "Please use german as language", even i did....

So where is my problem, and i do i get a license for the already paid software?!


29.03.2009, 18:43
There is currently a problem with mail server it seems.
Please change your email address in this forum to the one you used for purchasing.

29.03.2009, 19:23
thx for the fast reply.
i thought that already.

i have changed my email as advised


29.03.2009, 20:14
I just checked your account, it is activated. Therefore use the password which got displayed. Tech guy is already working on mail server issue, stay tuned.

29.03.2009, 20:17
thanks, but there was no password displayed :-)
that is my initial problem :-)


29.03.2009, 22:55
Check your email account for activation link with password, mails get sent, just with a delay atm. If you shouldn't have received an email until tomorrow 8 AM, please post again.