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29.03.2009, 23:47
I'm working on updating the translation of My local lang.
and I was wondering what is the function of the following messages in order for me to translate it to function rather than meaningless words.
I will keep this thread updated if there is no problem with the mods.

1st one: "Syntax error"

30.03.2009, 07:23
It is used in command line when user is using a switch wrong.

30.03.2009, 16:08
and you mean by switch??
in terms of converstion?

30.03.2009, 17:45
If you start a program, you can pass one or more parameters to it in command line. The parameters starting with "/" are called switches. They customize program functionality and/or tell program what specific action to perform this time.

For example, in command

format d: /Q

"/Q" is a switch.

30.03.2009, 18:30
You can translate it as : "Write error" , "Input error" or "Wrong command definition" or else :)

31.03.2009, 12:46
ok got it

now how about this?

Device %s has outstanding open handles.

31.03.2009, 14:13
"Handle" is an internal programming term which means "an identifier of an open file". Program uses handles to read and write from/to a file. One file can have multiple handles open (that is, a program (or different programs) can be reading/writing a file in multiple places at the same time).

Thus the message means that there are programs still using the files on the mounted image and unmounting it will lead to programs losing access to their files in the midst of work.

"%s" should be left as is. It's a placeholder where DT will insert any other string (here, a drive letter for the disk the message will tell about)

31.03.2009, 15:32
Yep :) as @oder2 tells, it can be translated as : "An external program is using drive %s", "Drive %s is not accessible, cause it's been usen by another program" or just this : "Drive %s is in use"

31.03.2009, 22:21
cool gotit thanx