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30.03.2009, 23:50
I'm waiting for three months to become official translator for Bosnian language. I sent application according to the instructions and, three months after that, still nothing. I don't ask for something special, just the ability to translate your products to my language, but you could be more responsible.

31.03.2009, 06:40
Will check. You should get an answer until evening. And sorry for the delay.

31.03.2009, 21:42
OK, you should get soon an email with all necessary data (i guess tomorrow afternoon).

02.04.2009, 23:57
I didn't receive email. Still waiting...

03.04.2009, 06:37
Informed tech guy (it seems someone forgot to send email :()

19.04.2009, 17:02
I have a problem when compiling the dll file for testing. Every phrase that contains letters "č" and "ć" isn't displayed as it should. For example, Online Manual translated to Bosnian is "Priručnik" but when Bosnian is selected in Daemon Tools I see "Priru" instead of "Priručnik". "Pomoć" (Help) is displayed as "Pomo", "Nije moguće otvoriti fajl u kernel modu." (Unable to open file in kernel mode.) is displayed as "Nije mogu" etc.
In Croatian, letters "č" and "ć" also exist and phrases that contain those letters are shown correctly when this localization is selected. It appears that there is a bug in compiler. Will this happen when you compile and include my language in next version of DT? If so, many phrases won't be displayed as they should. Is there a way to correct this?

22.04.2009, 12:21
Will this happen when you compile and include my language in next version of DT?
No, it will not happen when we compile your language strings.
It is compiler's bug. We will check if it's possible to upfate compiler to fix the problem.
Now, you can just ignore this problem.