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31.03.2009, 13:48

I'm not sure about the cause, but I have a problem with the last Astroburn version.
The problem seems to happen when the disc name is too large. The name of the files in the disc are not correctly shown, instead of its 'normal' name is only shown in 8+3 format. But the selected file system was "ISO 9660 + Joilet".

In my case, the disc name was something like "xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx", and the files name were "xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 01.avi", "xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 02.avi"...
After burning the disc, the files names were similar to "xxxxx~01.avi".

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31.03.2009, 18:11
Take care about the format you use :
Astroburn Help: Data (http://astroburn-help.com/general_use/burning/burning_a_project/data.html)

If you use the ISO9660 (8+3 names)'s files system, this is not an issue, but the correct behavior ;)

31.03.2009, 18:18
He used Joliet format, not 8+3.
Have to check that issue.

EDIT: Reproduced, but only happens when a number is after that one.