View Full Version : Max Payne 2 fixed image

01.04.2009, 16:30
How can I make It?
I'm using DT PRO TRIAL 4.30.03 , and always get DPM associated call failed error. Because I choose SECUROM NEW.
But, when I click on SECUROM OLD, I can make an image. But when I mount It and use, or don't use, YASU 1.5 It gives me error wrong disc inserted. :confused:
Can anyone help me, or give short tutorial? :)
Please... I'm using DT for 2 years, but have never made images for games. :D

01.04.2009, 19:02
Use DT Pro 4.30.0304 (you haven't stated full version).
That dpm error can be caused either by drive, the disk and/or selected dpm read speed.

And how did you used DT for 2 years when you haven't created images yourself yet?

02.04.2009, 11:41
Yes, that's the full version of DT. :D
But, still the same problem. I even tried to make a fresh copy of disc no 2. and with It I have same problem. Looks like I will have to use ALCOHOL. :rolleyes:

02.04.2009, 14:56
Maybe some incompatibility with that drive, can't order the drive for testing (maybe too old) :(

02.04.2009, 16:52
Tried with newest ALCOHOL, too. Made an image (wohoo :D ), but protection catches It. Dunno what's wrong. :mad:
Anyway, thanks for trying to help. :)