View Full Version : Can Daemon Tools work like Curerom

02.04.2009, 16:46
I would like to know if Daemon Tools has the ability to replace the original shortcuts for a program with one that will mount the desired image while starting the program. In the past I have used Curerom with Alcohol to achieve this. I remember reading that Curerom was not going to be available anymore as this feature was going to be part of Daemon Tools. Does anyone know if this is correct or how it can be done with Daemon Tools?

02.04.2009, 16:47
You have to create a bat file with commands for mounting and starting the game or wait for updated version of DaemonScript.

02.04.2009, 17:00
Thank you. I just wanted to know before I purchase it. Now all I have to do is read up on how to write the file.