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31.03.2009, 13:50
When i tried to check for any DT updates today, a normal update window (http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/090331/Alajq6QQ7y.jpg) popped-up. It was telling me that DT v4.30.305 was avalible.

But when I hit the "Update" button, black window appears (http://pic.ipicture.ru/uploads/090331/8mSUZY7qtB.jpg).

The downloaded file (Empty.exe) has a size of 4096 bytes and is not a Windows executable.

31.03.2009, 15:31
It seems tech guy made a little mistake as 305 is currently not available to public, only to beta team.

31.03.2009, 15:43
Tech guy? Who's the tech guy. I want to know who the tech guy is.

31.03.2009, 16:09
I meant disc-soft.com tech guy ;)

02.04.2009, 18:46
Hello. I have Daemon Tools Pro Advanced Full licenced version.

When I try update, I see a message. "Daemon Tools 4.30.305 is available.

But When I click update (update now),, update failed.

I can not see new version on Daemon web site.

What is this ?

NOTE: My english is poor. I am sorry. My hope , I can tell.

03.04.2009, 13:22
Hi. I have version 4.30.0304.0047. When I click on update, I get a pop up telling me new version available 4.30.0305 (which I can't find anywhere on Daemon web site)...in any case, after clicking on update I end up with a ms dos pop up screen about 16 bit ms-dos subsystem (??) and two folders:
C:\Documents and Settings\Jean-Yves Rodrigue\Local Settings\Temp\empty.exe ---and---
c:\program files\symantec\s32evnt1.dll --an installable virtual device driver failed Dll initialization. Choose close to terminate the application......:confused:
I don't have any Symantec programs installed on my pc by the way... I don't get this at all.... this is super strange as far as I am concerned... the daemon program works fine by the way. Do you need any other info to check this out?
Take care, J-Y.;)

03.04.2009, 16:32
This "Empty" file is still available. Can you please fix this?

03.04.2009, 20:56
Nothing wrong with your pc, there is currently no new version, 305 is still in beta. Reporting 305 for download is a known issue atm.

OK. Tks guys. I can sleep better now. Take care all.:)

03.04.2009, 21:40
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23.04.2009, 20:34
This "Empty" file is there again.

Now on version x.306.
What's wrong with you, beta guys?