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05.04.2009, 23:04
Hello people,

I have a question: Is there any posibility to get the version 1.03 of Yasu here? I have a game called The Guild II upgraded with the Addon "Pirates of the Sea" and the newest patch 1.4 and also with the newest version of DT and Yasu it doesn't function.

I read in the internet that there is only one version which will function and it's the 1.03.

Anyway can someone open a thread where people can find all the different versions of YASU.



05.04.2009, 23:05
Hmm, i tested Guild 2 with latest patch (also with Addon) and it works here fine.
Also please not older YASU versions are blacklisted by SecuROM.

06.04.2009, 11:08
That's right. But I also have read that Securom forgot to blacklist this version 1.03. And a year ago I tried it and function. With the new version it doesn't function in my case.

06.04.2009, 11:13
Well I have to say with older versions of guild II, it functioned. Only with the new patch it doesn't.

06.04.2009, 15:31
I doubt they forgot to blacklist v1.03.
Just tested some SecuROM versions and they all "find" v1.03.

Sure you've tried latest version 1.6.9040 ?

Which SecuROM error message do you get ?