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08.04.2009, 00:29
Hello. I have a DT problem.
I know there are already some threads explaining how to fix this problem but i cant seem to understand most of what the steps require so i need help.

My problem is that the virtual drivers dont appear in My Computer, and when i try to mount an image the image appears indeed mounted but no autorun or message appears so that i can play the game.

I would really like some help and explaining because in these sort of area im kind of a noob :S

thanks :P

08.04.2009, 19:41
What exactly do you fail to understand?

08.04.2009, 19:47
I know how to get to the device manager, but there, I dont know how to see if those drivers are installed, and if theyŌ‘re not, i dont know how to install them :S

09.04.2009, 18:26
In device manager you click on DVD/CD-ROM drives, then double-click on (one of) the Daemon Tools virtual devices (either with some random name, or the one you gave them via Daemon Tools device properties options) -> a properties dialog window should open -> select Driver tab, there you should have some buttons Driver details, update etc.

09.04.2009, 19:42
OK, i got it!

Problem fixed, thanks alot!