View Full Version : Daemon Tools Lite won't load Error 1005

10.04.2009, 11:33
Basically, I had version 3.xxx(I forget precisely what it was) installed on my machine, which was running fine until I came across trouble emulating Securom for Rainbow 6 Vegas, so I decided that updating and using the new version of Yasu might fix it.

After updating I was advised to reboot, and I had stuff running at the time so I didn't and unsurprisingly it failed to mount the drives when I ran it, however the program did actually run.

A few hours later I rebooted, noted that Daemon Tools hadn't autoloaded, so I ran it manually and as it began to load up I recieved the Error 1005, with no other explanation.

Any suggestions?

(Note that I updated to version 4.303)

11.04.2009, 11:29
Ah, nevermind. Another restart and reinstall fixed it.:)