View Full Version : Any workaround Riddick: Assault on dark athena?

10.04.2009, 21:01
I tried using YASU and DTE, but for some reason SecuROM is still detecting my Daemon Tools aplication.

Also, i tried using CureROM, but i have no idea how to make it work or if it would work on SecuROM 7.x

10.04.2009, 21:02
Game is using Tages activation according to my info, could you scan install folder with Protection ID please, thanks. If it shows up as SecuROM, could you provide a purchase link, thanks.

10.04.2009, 22:05
Two were detected:

Main game exe: Solidshield v01.00.00.01
Main TAGES exe: Tages activation client v5.5.3.6

10.04.2009, 22:24
OK, that means it is Tages as i thought. Only activating is a legit solution.