View Full Version : YASU v1.6.9040 not working with Company of Heroes - Tales of Valor

16.04.2009, 18:33
I'm using DTlite 4.30.3 and I can use the disc images to validate Tales of Valor and the original CoH campaign, but when I try and unlock the Opposing Forces campaign, SecuROM pops up an "Emulator detected! Please deactivate virtual drive and emulation software." message.

So I tried cloaking the drive with YASU 1.6.9040 but the same thing happens.

16.04.2009, 18:45
Is there a SecuROM link?
You can also try DTE with DT Pro Adv.
Also ensure you are NOT using a mini image.

16.04.2009, 20:28
Not sure what you mean by a SecuROM link but if you mean a clickable web link on the error box, I don't think there was.

Anyway, it worked with DT Pro Adv with the OF image in an vIDE drive (but not in a vSCSI drive), so thanks.

Re: Mini image, is discussion of those banned here then?

21.06.2009, 17:33
I used everything (Mini,maxi,pro,lite,nocd,yasu....):mad:. Something is allways detected by the protection. I dont know what... How can i find that out?

06.09.2009, 17:46
I am having the same problem but with coh opposing fronts. I tried everything. the thing that makes me very mad, is the fact that it works fine on my brother's pc. so why doesn't it work on mine ...

02.11.2009, 16:46
I reinstalled windows it is ok now :rolleyes: