View Full Version : Mini-image Freeze

22.04.2009, 11:54

When I mount the X3 terran conflict mini image in daemon tools, the computer completly freeze. This freeze happens with and without autorun, when I launch X3, or when I open de virtual drive from the desktop.

I've tryed to reproduce the bug with the control pannel oppened, and one core of the CPU stays 3 or 4 second at 100% then, the computers freezes. When it is frosen, the mouse is locked, the desktop clock is frosen, and even ALT CTRL DEL does nothing.

I'm using winXP pro (the 64 bits version) with a fresh install of the latest DAEMON Tools Lite for XP-64 with SPTD v1.58 X64 (64 bit).

Thank a loot.

22.04.2009, 18:38
Try full image.