View Full Version : Reading other side of a Dual-Layer image?

23.04.2009, 03:36
I'm using Daemon Tools Lite and trying to figure out how to get the program to detect the other side of a Dual Layer image. Is this possible with Daemon Tools Lite and if so how do I have it read the other side of the Dual Layer image? If not, is there any program I can use that can read the other side of the image?

Thanks in advance.

23.04.2009, 16:29
DualLayer discs just have one side. ;) Daemon Tools supports such images, so what exactly is your problem?

23.04.2009, 20:57
When I play the image in Zoom Player's DVD mode, it seems to only detect it being on Side A, and I can't access Side B material. Is the problem with Zoom Player rather than Daemon Tools?

23.04.2009, 21:05
If you mean a double sided disc, you need to create an image of the 2nd side in order to access the material on it.

23.04.2009, 21:09
Oh wow, I feel really stupid now. I completely forgot that I named the three discs 1-6 with a file for each side. Sorry.