View Full Version : not able to load the device drivers

16.12.2002, 20:33
my daemon tools used to work some time ago but theyґre just not working anymore. everytime i install the package everything is okay but if i select for example 1 device to be emulated it takes about 30 secs until the "please wait..." screen disappears and if i have a look at my devices: just my HDD and the control panel there. no cd-rom drive :/ I checked the device manager. I can see the stealh cd-rom drive there with a Code 31 error message that says windows is not able to load the drivers or something like that.

itґs using \system32\DRIVERS\cdrom.sys

and \system32\storprop.dll

anyone got a clue ?

16.12.2002, 22:15
Are these threse drivers listed in the driver list for virtual CDROM?
Does reboot help?
Maybe one of these files is corrupt or absent? What is OS version?

17.12.2002, 12:49
yup these are the files it shows in the drivers section.
nah reboot doesnґt help !
thatґs what i thought. seems as if the stealth cd rom thingie uses the windows drivers and maybe the wrong ones. can i delete those files without experiening any major problems ? are there such driver files being installed with daemon tools ? wtf can i do ? :>

ah and btw Iґm using Win2kSP3

17.12.2002, 15:29
Drivers are correct. Try to select 'Update' driver for Stealth DVD-ROM and specify standard Windows driver again that is in cdrom.inf.

17.12.2002, 17:40

fixed it ! someone sent me his cdrom.sys i replaced it ;)

thx anyway!