View Full Version : Mounting several .bin images from a DVD - not possible

01.03.2004, 22:48
Operating System: win XP Pro
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: Non
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44


I've burned several .bin images on a DVD-Rom but i cant mount any of them from the DVD-Drive.I only can mount the images if i first copy them on my HDD. When trying to mount from the DVD DT first acts like normal (splash screen showing up for short time);
but when clicking in explorer on the virtual drive i just mounted the image on the computer freezes completely and only thing to do is a reset, Ctrl-alt-Del not working.

Can someone help me out on this??


02.03.2004, 03:57
Where is your DVD-ROM attached?

02.03.2004, 08:08
It's attached on the secondary IDE Port and running as Master(nec nd-2500);
Slave is a 30GB Hdd, on the primary IDE Port is a CD-Rom as Master and an other HDD as Slave. Should mounting images that are on DVD-Drives usually work?

02.03.2004, 13:35
Yes, usually it is ok. You don't use special drivers?

02.03.2004, 23:34
Not to my Knowledge! How can I verify which drivers I'm using?

I've burned a small .bin image to a CD and tried to mount it from my DVD drive on the sec IDE port and from the CD Drive on the prim port(or vice verse,dont know). Mounting from the cd was no problem but from the dvd it freezed the pc completely(as soon as trying to access it);
so it should be related to the IDE Ports, and master,slave settings.
Assuming im using the right drivers,is there a way to set up my drives so i can user either one for mounting images?