View Full Version : DT LITE 4304 issue with arniWORX 1016

29.04.2009, 15:27

I noticed that after upgrading Daemon-Tools Lite from 4303 to 4304 I lost the ability to use arniWORX shell extension. It disappeared from the context menu and when I try to re-register it I received an error message saying that daemon.dll couldn't be accessed and to make sure that Secure Mode is off. When turning SM off didn't enable me to re-register arniWORX, I looked in Daemon-Tools program files folder and noticed that there was no daemon.dll file there. I tried to uninstall and reinstall DT I noticed that even with the new install (before re-installing arniWORX) there was no daemon.dll file.
Eventually I uninstalled DT 4304 and reinstalled 4303 and arniWORX and everything is working fine.
Does it look like a bug or is it a technical change in the software that will require an update from arniWORX?

Kind Regards

29.04.2009, 15:55
dt has its own shell extensions now.. don't they do what you require?

29.04.2009, 18:36
What I like about arniWORX is the fact that it adds the option to mount an image by right-clicking the file and unless I'm missing something in the last DT release settings, just by installing DT alone it doesn't look like I have this option.
Any ideas?

29.04.2009, 18:59
arniWORX has to be updated, that's it.