View Full Version : ISO image is smaller then original DVD made from

30.04.2009, 17:33
Hi. I don't know if this is something had been discussed already, but the question is: Why ISO image reports 1.17Gb when DVD(software) reports 4.12 Gb? Is it something to do with file system, file table or Daemon compresses data to save space on HD? :confused:

Thank you.

Windows Vista Home Premium + SP1 + latest updates
Daemon-Tools 4.30.3
Burning software: Nero 7 Essentials + Any DVD
Installed AVG8.5 Free, Spybot 1.6.2
System configuration:
Motherboard Name MSI 661FM3-V (MS-7103)
CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 530, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)
North Bridge SiS 661FX
Video card NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500

04.05.2009, 19:01
What kind of DVD, how did you create the image (software and settings used)?

07.05.2009, 15:40
Problem solved:

I don't know if I overlooked something, but couldn't find any error report in properties. It appears to be bad disk and programm didn't report about it just finished making image. Thank you for responding, Copytrooper. I used Daemon-Tools Panel -> Disk imaging shortcut, that's it.