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03.05.2009, 19:44
I made an ISO of my Age of Empires II game, and mounted it on a virtual drive (F). When autorun launched, it said "Please insert the correct CD-ROM..." and doesn't load the game.

I saw something about some type of protection in the forums, but I don't know what exactly this is, and how to determine if or what type of protection my Age of Empires game has? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

BTW I'm a beginner, this is my first day and first time using a CD ISO writing, virtual drive type of program, so I won't understand all the technical lingo.

03.05.2009, 20:41
It is using SafeDisc, so select SafeDisc profile in DT Pro during Image Creation.

03.05.2009, 22:09
Alright I selected SafeDisc in the Preferences, however when I tried to write an image from the original CD, it said "Disc imaging failed!"

Before I tried this I used a different program (Gizmo) to write the image; but I don't know if that program has a SafeDisc feature. My problem now is, why isn't DaemonTools letting me make an image? Is there a way I can make an ISO from a FOLDER, not a CD in the drive?

03.05.2009, 22:52
Check Ignore Read Error.

03.05.2009, 23:26
I'm using Daemon Tools Lite. There's nowhere in the program for me to check "Ignore Read Error"

Can DT make an ISO from a folder, or does it have to be from a disc?

04.05.2009, 12:21
iso is useless for protected disks, make mds/mdf format instead, otherwise you'll never get the game running.. well, without a crack at least

04.05.2009, 20:28
You have to use DT Pro.