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Thomas T
03.03.2004, 16:43
Operating System: win XP
Burning Software: Nero 5
Anti-virus Software: Norton internet Security 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3,44

Well, the subject says it all, doesn't it?

I'd very much like to know how Daemon Tools works..

I'm trying to make an image of a CD, so that i can save it on my HD. how?

Thomas T
03.03.2004, 16:44
does it btw, work with music CD's too, and will the size be enormeous?

03.03.2004, 16:49
Daemon Tools won't create images, just mount them, audio cd images are no problem. You've to use a cd recording software which creates supported image files (e.g. CloneCD ccd, Nero nrg, Alcohol mds, CDRWin cue/bin, ISOs ...).
The size depends on the size of the original cd, usually it's between 650 and 850 MB, due to the fact that images are based on RAW sectors (2352 bps) they're bigger than the file size on a cd (based on so-called cooked sectors, 2048 bps);
if you include sub-channel data (e.g. for protections or cd text) another 96 bps will be needed (i.e. 2448 bps).

03.03.2004, 19:14
If you use ntfs compression, you might be able to save 60-80% space.