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04.03.2004, 11:15
I am a chinese ,Please excuse my poor english.
Frist I will say thanks to all the daemon-tools authors, daemon-tools is a good CD-ROM emulation software ,tiny and stable ,especially the V3.41 support plugin an exciting new feature. Now I will needn't to install the nero Image driver to let the daemon-tools support the *.nrg file.But I greatly hope the daemon-tools to add some feature as below:
Daemon-Tools shouldn't only to emulate the CD-ROM but also can emulate the CD-RW ,So we can use it to edit or create a CD image file by "copy" or "cut" the file on the virtual CD-RW in the windows explorer just like to operate on the harddisk.
Add the floppy disk driver emulation function ,it can emulate one or several floppy disk driver for system like to emulate the CD-ROM,and support to mount and create floppy disk image file , such as *.img(created by HD-Copy) , *.ima (created by Winimage);
*.imz(created by Winimage) ,*.dsk and so on.Because now more and more new computers does not have a floppy disk driver to equip ,and now it is hardly to find a computer equip with a 5.25 inch floppy disk driver,but some software must use floppy disk to install ,so at these kind computer it's needed a virtual floppy disk driver to install the software .But I hadn't found a software can do this , so I greatly hope daemon-tools can do this.
Some interesting idea ,to make some plugin let the daemon-tools can mount the popular format of the compress file (such as *.zip,*.rar,*.ace,*.gz,*.arj,*.jar and so on) as the CD image file . So we can easily use the compress file and needn't to decopress it frist.