View Full Version : Bios death during daemon install (Dead computer)

11.05.2009, 23:22
Operating system: Win XP professional SP2
DT version: Lite, 4.30.4
No burning software installed
Never had Easy CD/DVD/Media Creator installed
Antivirus: AVG Free
Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo Platinum
Processor: AMD +2000 socket 754 (cant remember name)
Graphics card: Radeon 9800 Pro
RAM: 2x kingston DDR 1gig

Alright, a few hours ago I came to this website because the daemon tools version I had saved for so long stopped working (3.something). I only needed DT to install a software I had just bought online because I didn't have a cd-burner. So I went on the download tab, and I downloaded DT Lite.

Halfway through the installation, I am told I need to restart the system before I can proceed. I do so, and when I start the computer up again it freezes right after that first little "beep".

I've spent the last few hours troubleshooting. I tried resetting the bios. I tried starting in safe mode (at least I think I did. I tried holding down each consecutive F-button for one startup each since I couldn't remember which one it was). I tried replacing everything but the motherboard.

Using the D-bracket that came with my motherboard I was able to discern that the computer freezes just as it is done with initializing the video interface and tries to do "BIOS Sign O".

Something about daemon didn't agree with my bios, clearly. I've spent some time reading the forums, but none of the bootfail threads seem to be as dire as mine. I'm about ready to get a new bios/motherboard, but since I will still be needing to install that software when I get my computer up and running I would really appreciate some info as to why this happened. And, if possible, a solution that doesn't involve me spending my limited cash...


12.05.2009, 13:41
Daemon Tools does not do anything to the BIOS, it works in Windows OS only, thus your problem is not caused by Daemon Tools.
Seems something on your board failed coincidentally during reboot after Daemon Tools update.