View Full Version : Uninstalled Daemon, CD drive is Messed Up

16.05.2009, 05:26
I downloaded Deamon because I read that it fixes an error message that I am receiving in iTunes. Deamon did not fix it, so I uninstalled. However, my computer still recognizes my CD drive as "DVD RW Drive (F:) Feb 16 2009". Also, when I insert a CD, it brings up its contents in explorer, rather than giving me the options to "view files, play with iTunes, ect...) How do I make sure that my CD drive is not messed up and restore it to its previous state?

16.05.2009, 14:36
DT shouldn't affect your CD drive the way you described it.
Same goes for the Autoplay behaviour/handlers.

Which version did you use on which OS ?
Have you also installed other apps at that time to resolve your iTunes issue ?

To remove the last remains of the DT installation download the SPTD Installer from Duplex Secure (http://www.duplexsecure.com/en/downloads); execute and choose uninstall.