View Full Version : Daemon script means "Daemon Tools is not installed"

17.05.2009, 17:27
I have installed Daemon Tools Lite v4.30.4 and Daemon Script 1.6.2 at an Windows XP Pro 32Bit Workstation.
When I try to use Daemon Script for mounting images I get the message that "Daemon Tools is not installed". I have no idea what's wrong because I've used this tools several times.

Hope there's anybody who can help me.

17.05.2009, 17:31
Daemon Script is not compatible with current DT version, but a new version is in development. Stay tuned.

17.05.2009, 17:45
Thanks! I hope the new version is available soon. It is a really super tool!

10.07.2009, 15:30
Any update on this?