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05.03.2004, 20:37
Operating System: Operating System : WINDOWS 2000 pro
Burning Software: Burning Software : Nero Burning rom
Anti-virus Software: Anti-virus Software : Norton anti-virus
DAEMON Tools Version:
DAEMON Tools Version : 3.44


I come from to discover Daemon Tools and use it with no problem.

I'd like just to know if it's possible to rename the virtual CD.:?:

First problem

In the Virtual CD/DVD-ROM option in the Daemon Tools I have 2 virtuals CD for my encyclopedie Encarta. Cds appear with their paths and name.
Here, is it possible to rename or to cancel the path ? It could be useful when the paht is long.

Second problem

In the My Computer on the dekstop, I can see the hard drive, the cd drive and the virtual drives. But for the Encarta, the names of the both CDs appear as following :


And in the Folder where I store them their name are :
with the X for the cd 1 and the cd 2.

So, is it possible to rename 1EE99FRDLX, and 2EE99FRDLX for EncEncartaDisc1 and EncEncartaDisc2 what would be more significant or better is it possible to rename them ?

Thanks by advance for your answer.

Labernique :wink:

05.03.2004, 20:49
You can't change the cd-label, 'cause the program won't identify the cds anymore!
The images can be stored wherever you want - even root directory is possible (e.g. c:\).

05.03.2004, 22:19
Maybe you should try this: http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/912/

06.03.2004, 10:59
Hello you two,

Just for your information : I tried the advice you gave me to modify the label and icon of the virtual driver of DaemonTools in the registry but it didn't work.

Thanks for the advice even it didn't work.