View Full Version : QUERY: mix-mode profile + paranoia + eac

19.05.2009, 02:29
I like to make perfect backup images of my old classic game Total Annihilation which is mixed-mode CD (track 1 = data, tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. audio).

Since this game is abandonware (Cavedog liquidated), and the 1997 game is so old it doesn't even have copy-protection, then which is the best profile to use? Is Mixed Mode CD profile okay?

What does "96 bytes of raw PW" or "16 bytes of PQ" dropdown selections do? Is this something like Exact Audio Copy and paranoia?

Does Daemon Tools do Exact Audio Copy or paranoia for the mixed-mode CDs... even if cd is copy-protected?

19.05.2009, 16:11
Will Alcohol support Exact Audio Copy, AccurateRip, cdparanoia, protected mixed-mode in future versions?

20.05.2009, 16:32
See the replies to your post in the Alcohol forum.