View Full Version : Deamon Lite installed, IDE-harddrive disappeared !!!

19.05.2009, 22:00

I have installed Daemon Tools Lite vers. 4304. First I should make a restart. Then the installation.
Daemon was installed but then i noticed, a second hard drive, an IDE-Drive, is disappeared.
In BIOS the hard drive is in the list, but not under windows.
I use Win XP Prof. SP3.
Under Hardware Manager with the Plug&Play Search under the section drives windows finds temporarily the ide-harddrive but: This device is not plugged und then it disappears again out of the hardware list.
therefore I have a unknown device in the list now but windows recognizes this device as nothing

How can I get my hard drive back??? Daemon is uninstalled again but nothing.
HELP pls :confused:

And sry für bad english :S

21.05.2009, 19:37
Hey man, sorry to say, but this might be that your hard drive is dead.
My lasted for 16 000 working hours and then just the same stuff as yours, I see. Clicked to search for plug & play devices. After it found that, I was only able to see hard disk's root in windows. Then bang, it disappeared and I was able to do the same procedure over again but it wouldn't had gave any help anyways. Also I got "Delayed write failed" message in taskbar (where the clock is).
I'll try disabling all daemon tools options and uninstall it but i dont think itll help, because I tested in my friends computer too. If i'll figure it out it has anything to do with daemon tools i'll let you know.