View Full Version : Sujestion: Mount ISO+MP3 files

07.03.2004, 01:24
It would be very nice if Daemon tools could mount the iso+mp3 files as a single cd, making the mp3 be seem as audio cd tracks!! :D

07.03.2004, 20:38
It is being worked on, though no eta.

24.11.2004, 23:56
are there any news about this item?

it would be very, very, very useful for ppl using computer/console emulators...

22.12.2004, 12:49
The only news is that we've more important things to do atm, i.e. DT v4 :!:
And before you ask: It will be released when it's done :!: :mrgreen:

03.01.2005, 15:18
uhm... what if i ask the whole emulation community to pray the developer for such a support? :mrgreen:

03.01.2005, 22:38
read above: it is already be worked on - but NO ETA atm.

No need to pray

30.12.2008, 02:29
i'm still here after almost four years...
any hope ?

05.01.2009, 04:55
I don't think Andareed has plans to do this himself anymore. By the way the official thread on this issue is here: sticky: some kind of compressed images support